Reddit Gets New period of time options together with Live pick and Comments Count, typewriting Indicators, More


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Reddit has superimposed multiple new periods of time options on its golem, iOS, and desktop platforms. so as to create the social media app a lot of partaking, the corporate has free pick and comment count animations, typewriting and reading indicators, and a brand new comment pill. With the most recent update, votes on content can seem as non-static numbers in Reddit feeds and on posts. Whenever vote counts go up or down in period of time, users will see little moving animations. With the typewriting indicator, users will see what number individuals area unit actively typewriting to comment inside posts.

Reddit on Dec one proclaimed the rollout of recent options via a weblog post. As mentioned, with the most recent updates pick can now not be shown as a static range on posts and feeds on Reddit. it’ll be displayed with dynamic animations as vote counts go up or down in a period of time. Similarly, the comment range are going to be animated as new comments area unit denote.

The typewriting indicators enable users to envision once their friends — 2 or many — area unit typewriting at an identical time inside posts. Reddit says the typewriting indicators are going to be shown via anonymized avatars close to comment windows. Similarly, the reading indicators can show the number of individuals reading a post. once 5 or a lot of users area unit reading a post, Reddit can show sorted anonymous avatars in a very pill at the highest of comment sections in posts. This feature is presently out there in several different social apps already.

Finally, with the most recent comment pill practicality, users will see once new comments area unit being submitted at the time they’re viewing a post. once a user clicks on the new comment indicator, the comments can type by new and highlight live comments in period of time.

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